Jackadoodles – When Crossed Between Jack Russell & Toy Poodle

Enzo Gets A Haircut

I have had quite a few people contact me about grooming their own Jackadoodle. I stated in a previous post that I used to take both Enzo and Marley to the groomers, but because of Marleys appalling behaviour I took to grooming them myself. Here is a time lapse video of Enzo getting a haircut. [...]

Falling Out

I have found it strange recently, but both dogs have been stroppy with each other… Enzo is now three and a half and Marley is Two and a half. There seems to be an underlying problem that you can’t (or couldn’t) put your finger on. I try and treat them equally, never openly fussing one [...]

Update On Double Lead

I have gone back to two leads… although I still walk them using a single hand, because it is cold and the other is firmly thrust into my pocket, I have found two are better than one. If I hold each lead through the loop at the top, I can actually wind one lead around [...]

One Year Today

We have had our marvellous Jackadoodle, Enzo, for exactly one year today. It has been a joy and a pleasure to have shared this time with him. He has become a true friend and a fully signed up member of the family. Most days we are together, all day. We tend to walk between three [...]

Jumping Jackadoodles

I bought a new lead for the two of them the other day. After walking two dogs, I found that both of them want to be on the outside. Although Marley, when made to, will walk happily by my side for several minutes at a time, he still goes for the, I guess, dominent side. [...]

Just A Quick Image

This is just a quick image of Enzo. It was taken on the beach at Aldingham, just outside of Ulverston.  This beach is really nice for training your dogs to walk off lead. The beach is a touch on the pebble/stones side so there is never any wide expanse of sand from them to go [...]

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