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How To Stop My Jackadoodle Running Off Everytime We Take Her Out

Where am I getting these titles from? Mainly from the searches that are coming through google. So… My story is a probably quite familiar. When we first got Enzo we had him on the lead for the first ten to twelve months, this wasn’t because he would run off, but because I thought he might [...]

Do Jackadoodles Need A Lot Of Exercise

Another question that is searched for a lot. However I can only answer from my experience… and that is ‘as much as you want’. A dog will always behave better if it has had the exercise it needs, and this depends on your level of commitment to the dog. Personally speaking, our two get (typically) [...]

Falling Out

I have found it strange recently, but both dogs have been stroppy with each other… Enzo is now three and a half and Marley is Two and a half. There seems to be an underlying problem that you can’t (or couldn’t) put your finger on. I try and treat them equally, never openly fussing one [...]

Jackadoodles Out Of Kennels

Well our two little boys came back from the kennels on Monday… as I was not back in the country, my Mother had the privilege. Although I hadn’t spent the whole weekend worrying about them, I did reflect on them often. I thought they would appear downhearted and very subdued, however as my Mother put [...]

Been A Long Time

Its been ages since I updated this site… just seems to be one of things that has gone out of my head… or I should say, I have been working two jobs, walking two dogs, looking after two kids and running around after one wife. I now have only the one job, so should be [...]

Snow and Jackadoodles

We have a difference of opinion when it comes to snow and ice.  We haven’t had much snow as it has barely reached the leather on my Doctor Martins however, Marley, the youngest, enjoys sliding, jumping and eating it all. He will chase flakes, bite at snowballs and suddenly stop so he gets dragged down the pavement. He moans when you take [...]

Update On Double Lead

I have gone back to two leads… although I still walk them using a single hand, because it is cold and the other is firmly thrust into my pocket, I have found two are better than one. If I hold each lead through the loop at the top, I can actually wind one lead around [...]

Jumping Jackadoodles

I bought a new lead for the two of them the other day. After walking two dogs, I found that both of them want to be on the outside. Although Marley, when made to, will walk happily by my side for several minutes at a time, he still goes for the, I guess, dominent side. [...]

Jackadoodle Walk

Marley is now OK. He woke up this morning hungry, but full of beans. The first I heard of him was when both dogs were chasing around and under our bed. My son lets Marley out of his crate at roughly 7am, but by 7.30 they had both followed my wife into the bedroom and started [...]

Marley Has Arrived

We picked up Marley a couple of weeks ago, but due to work commitments and cleaning up poo, this blog has not had the start that I thought it would. Anyway, Enzo at first took no interest in Marley and neither did he become possessive of myself, which I thought he might have. Instead Marley [...]

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