Jackadoodles – When Crossed Between Jack Russell & Toy Poodle

Another Marley Problem

Marley has developed a lump under his skin. The lump sits half way down the left side of his back. It isn’t a big lump, not one you notice visually, but big enough to be felt and to definitely know it is there. I left it a couple of days to see if it would [...]

How Big Do Jackadoodles Grow?

This post is in relation to a question that is searched for many times on this blog: How big do Jackadoodles grow? Jackadoodles tend to grow as tall as a Jack Russell. However, and there are always exceptions to rules, Marley is slightly bigger, maybe by two or three inches. We know Marleys Sister and [...]

Jackadoodles Out Of Kennels

Well our two little boys came back from the kennels on Monday… as I was not back in the country, my Mother had the privilege. Although I hadn’t spent the whole weekend worrying about them, I did reflect on them often. I thought they would appear downhearted and very subdued, however as my Mother put [...]

Kennels For Jackadoodles

Well, I dropped my two little boys off this morning for their first stay in Kennels. When we went into the reception the whole place smelt like a Vets. Needless to say, both dogs dropped their tails and hid behind my legs. While we concluded the formalities, payment, food, habits etc, they stayed hidden. However, [...]

Fit Foot For Marley

Simply – Marley has four feet he can now stand on. The Antibiotics worked a treat, however how does a dog manage to take the tablet out of the middle of a piece cheese and then hold it in his mouth before depositing it elsewhere? Marley and Enzo, and probably most other dogs, have amazing [...]

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