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Just A Quick Image

Posted on | October 19, 2009 | 1 Comment

Enzo Quiet Contemplation

Enzo Quiet Contemplation

This is just a quick image of Enzo. It was taken on the beach at Aldingham, just outside of Ulverston.  This beach is really nice for training your dogs to walk off lead. The beach is a touch on the pebble/stones side so there is never any wide expanse of sand from them to go running off on.

This beach was the first one that Enzo was offlead and the furtherest he got was about 15ft away from me before he needed to start watching his step. If you are local to the Furness area, give it a go… on the coast road between Barrow and Ulverston.


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  1. Jane Burke
    May 9th, 2011 @ 1:04 am

    Hi my name is Jane , i fetch my jackadoodle home next Sunday & wi looks i think he will be very similar to your lovely dogs. I already have 2 jack russells bitches named ella & sally ,i lost my 3rd in jan she wa lovely & she wa called tilly bt she had kidney faiure & made it to 15, so they going to get a little shock when they see him the 1st time,my jack russells have been done so they cant have pups & i think little Louie also be in 4 the chop ha in bout 6 months i think. I suppose what am asking is if you could give me some advice, Louie will be crate trained bt what toys & food is best plus any advice you have time for i do hope you don’t think am cheeky bt i’ve only had jack russell ,do there coats shed ?i’m on face book if you would like to look at my little black beauty, i fetch him home next Sunday when he 7 weeks old,well ill understand if you don’t have time to reply yours sincerely Jane

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