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Fit Foot For Marley

Posted on | October 10, 2011 | No Comments

Simply – Marley has four feet he can now stand on. The Antibiotics worked a treat, however how does a dog manage to take the tablet out of the middle of a piece cheese and then hold it in his mouth before depositing it elsewhere?

Marley and Enzo, and probably most other dogs, have amazing mouths… to be able to trick you into thinking they have swallowed the offending pill before trotting off requires a great deal of skill. I am not scared to open either of their mouths, and when giving tablets I will first try and con them, then I force them. However, it doesn’t matter how far down their throats you can get the tablet, they will always regurgitate it.

I ended up fighting with Marley, trying to keep his mouth clamped shut for up to five minutes a tablet, twice in the morning and twice in the evening. Little bugger.


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