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Falling Out

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I have found it strange recently, but both dogs have been stroppy with each other… Enzo is now three and a half and Marley is Two and a half. There seems to be an underlying problem that you can’t (or couldn’t) put your finger on.

I try and treat them equally, never openly fussing one more than the other; they both walk with me; they eat exactly the same food; they get an equal amount of scraps (when there is any left – which isn’t very often)… yet there seems to be a bit of jealousy in the air. It doesn’t boil over into fighting, just a few odd looks and avoidance in sitting together. When they walk, or run, depending on where we are, they play together and wee up the same trees… here it doesn’t seem to be a problem.

The problem is always in the house!

As said in the first paragraph I couldn’t put my finger on it… but after watching my two lovely (cough) children together, the problem becomes quite obvious. Their ages dictate that they are now teenagers (or young adults) and that is how they act. One minute all playful and getting on like Parents want them, the next hitting each other with whatever is available and calling each other names like ‘nincompoop’ or ‘stinky’ (Well thats what my kids say when I ask what they have said). So, I have taken to dealing with them the same way. They get separated. It seems to work as when they are allowed back ogether they tend to play nicely again.

But… whatever they do, you just can’t help loving them.



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