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How To Stop My Jackadoodle Running Off Everytime We Take Her Out

Posted on | July 31, 2012 | No Comments

Where am I getting these titles from? Mainly from the searches that are coming through google. So…

My story is a probably quite familiar. When we first got Enzo we had him on the lead for the first ten to twelve months, this wasn’t because he would run off, but because I thought he might run off. It was my paranoia that I would lose him. I had an extending lead and that I thought was good enough to give him exercise. However, we were walking through some woods near High Dam in the South Lakes when a very small dog came sniffing up to Enzo. When I asked the owner how old the dog was, she said just over twelve weeks. And there it was, my moment of realisation.

The dog was sniffing around trees, running and skipping in and out of the natural furniture, basically looking like it was enjoying itself immensely. After the dog and owners had passed I let Enzo off the lead for the first time. The first thing he did was to run ahead of us and into the woods, small panic, but when I saw him get into a crouch, I knew he wasnt running. He finished his business and then returned to us and stayed with us for the rest of the walk. Since then he has been off lead every chance I get and he never strays far.

However, with Marley I let him off straight away, with the knowledge that he would (emulate) Enzo… And he did. Marley stayed at my side, only wandering off a couple of feet to sniff at the odd smell left by Enzo. He has been at my feet ever since.

However, Enzo has taken to hanging around at the back of me when we walk. It isn’t a major problem, but it does make a walk quite long… This is where treats have come in. I was reluctant to use them, but when I want to get a move on, I make sure Enzo knows I have treats and he keeps up, or responds very quickly to the ‘Come here’ command.

So, these were my ways, or lack of ways as I just trusted the dogs to come back… I hope this is useful… Good luck.


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