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Another Jackadoodle

Posted on | July 31, 2012 | No Comments

I met another jackadoodle the other day outside my local shop. As a sociable kind of guy, I asked about her. She looked the same build as Marleys sister, quite small and slight of build, however she was still cute.

In the conversation in came up that I wrote this blog. It only turns out that they found their little jackadoodle through the site, clicking on the link for Lotuspoint. To say I was chuffed is an understatement. I couldn’t wait to get home and tell my wife.

I am so sorry though that I forgot to ask the little lady’s name. I’m rubbish like that. So,if you are reading this I would like you to send in a photo of your little girl for this blog and the start of the gallery that I have been promising. Please can you go to the contact page and send an image in? This invitation is also open to all your Jackadoodles, let’s fill the blog with these lovely, beautiful natured dogs.


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