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Enzo Gets A Haircut

Posted on | February 3, 2013 | No Comments

I have had quite a few people contact me about grooming their own Jackadoodle. I stated in a previous post that I used to take both Enzo and Marley to the groomers, but because of Marleys appalling behaviour I took to grooming them myself. Here is a time lapse video of Enzo getting a haircut. Follow the link below to see the video and I hope you enjoy it.

Enzo Gets A Haircut

As you can see there are a few stray hairs that I haven’t managed to get, however these are trimmed later on when Enzo comes and joins me for his nighttime snooze. I will trim his ears and face while he sleeps and then after a shower tomorrow (give his cut a little to calm down) I will finish off his legs.

Once you have viewed it you need to press the back button to get to the blog again. This is something to do with WordPress…


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