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Snow and Jackadoodles

Posted on | January 9, 2010 | No Comments

We have a difference of opinion when it comes to snow and ice.  We haven’t had much snow as it has barely reached the leather on my Doctor Martins however, Marley, the youngest, enjoys sliding, jumping and eating it all. He will chase flakes, bite at snowballs and suddenly stop so he gets dragged down the pavement. He moans when you take him onto the road for a less slippy walk.  Enzo, on the other hand wants to stay in. He wants to stay tucked into the blanket laid out on the sofa, or cuddled into a leg for extra warmth.

During a walk the other day, Enzo stopped, he wouldn’t move. He was adament that it was as far as he was going and just dug his heels in. I gave the lead a few tugs and still nothing. In way on a show, he lifted his foot up and looked all forlornly at it. In the end I had to pick him up and carry him a couple of hundred yards home. I am so grateful that the jackadoodles are so small and light.


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