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I am Steve, and as a family we researched various types of dogs before settling on the Jackadoodle. In fact we researched for nearly three years after my Daughter met a King Charles Spaniel ‘Toffee’ on a holiday in France. However, we decided that it would be better to get a dog that would suit us all, be a little more rugged and able to walk a fair few miles (No offence to KC Spaniel owners as I dont know much about them except they are kind of cute – sorry).

We trawled the internet looking at breeds and their behaviours, however that went out the window when we came across the Jackadoodle. The size was perfect, they were crossed with the Poodle and didn’t drop much, they were indeed rugged but most of all stunning to look at, or at least to our eyes. That is when we honed in on the Jackadoodle search (and if you are here, you are probably thinking the same) and came across Chris and Lotuspoint. The rest is history.

I usually take the dogs out for a few miles everyday, but at the weekend they get a really good run. They go out and about and nearly always offlead, so cover three times more ground than myself. As we live on the edge of the Lake District we have plenty of places to take them.

We love our boys, they are part of the family and they bring great joy. Loving and loyal, but with a Jack Russells mischievous side.

Please enjoy the site and keep checking back.

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    This site is dedicated to Jackadoodles... a crossbreed between a Jack Russell and a Toy Poodle.
    Although we will focus mainly on our own two Jackadoodles, Enzo and Marley, we will also be launching a photogallery for all your Jackadoodle pictures. To also allow extra contributions, we will be adding a page for your own stories.
    Please keep coming back, and supporting our effort.

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