Jackadoodles – When Crossed Between Jack Russell & Toy Poodle


Enzo Ferrari
Enzo Ferrari

Name: Enzo Ferrari
Birth Date: 13th October 08
Arrival Date: 05 December 09
Colour: Black
Mother: Jack Russell
Father: Miniature Poodle
Breeder: LotusPoint Stud

Enzo is and has been a delight. With him being our first dog, we were a littleĀ nervous about picking him up. However as soon as we got home, he became an instant family member. Enzo is funny, independent and above all faithful and loving.

Enzo has become my photography partner. As most of my work is based on Seascapes, he enjoys storming around the beach like there is no tomorrow. However, as soon as I stop and take out my camera is he somewhere near my feet and almost nine times out of ten, out of shot.

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    This site is dedicated to Jackadoodles... a crossbreed between a Jack Russell and a Toy Poodle.
    Although we will focus mainly on our own two Jackadoodles, Enzo and Marley, we will also be launching a photogallery for all your Jackadoodle pictures. To also allow extra contributions, we will be adding a page for your own stories.
    Please keep coming back, and supporting our effort.

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