Jackadoodles – When Crossed Between Jack Russell & Toy Poodle

Falling Out

I have found it strange recently, but both dogs have been stroppy with each other… Enzo is now three and a half and Marley is Two and a half. There seems to be an underlying problem that you can’t (or couldn’t) put your finger on. I try and treat them equally, never openly fussing one [...]

Fit Marley… Again

Anti-biotics: the miracle cure. Although Marley hasn’t been back to the Vets yet, the lump on his back has gone down. He is back to his normal (slightly mad), loving self. Just a quick entry… more to follow later.

Another Marley Problem

Marley has developed a lump under his skin. The lump sits half way down the left side of his back. It isn’t a big lump, not one you notice visually, but big enough to be felt and to definitely know it is there. I left it a couple of days to see if it would [...]

Jackadoodles Out Of Kennels

Well our two little boys came back from the kennels on Monday… as I was not back in the country, my Mother had the privilege. Although I hadn’t spent the whole weekend worrying about them, I did reflect on them often. I thought they would appear downhearted and very subdued, however as my Mother put [...]

Sore Foot – Anxious Owner

Marley is going to the Vets in the morning due to a problem with his foot. It started yesterday when we were out on the beach. He had been chasing Enzo up and down the sandhills non-stop since we had arrived. When he jumped down a small drop I saw him lift his back leg [...]

Are Jackadoodles Good With Kids?

This question is asked of me plenty of times… and I say, in our experience, ‘are your kids good with Jackadoodles? We have had no problems with our kids when it comes to the dogs. From the outset I told the kids not to be scared of the dogs, never pull back if either dog [...]


Well, I bought a set of £35 clippers today. In the pack you got a DVD, Clippers, Hair Length Controllers (or whatever they are called), Oil and a small Brush. Not bad. I was going to a Dog Grooming Parlour with the boys for a while, but Marley really didn’t like it. Enzo would just stand [...]

Been A Long Time

Its been ages since I updated this site… just seems to be one of things that has gone out of my head… or I should say, I have been working two jobs, walking two dogs, looking after two kids and running around after one wife. I now have only the one job, so should be [...]

Balls Gone and Testosterone Levels Dropping

Well, it has been quiet for the past couple of months, but I am finally getting around to updating the blog. Marley has joined the ‘No Balls’ gang and Enzo is a lot happier. It had got to the point where both of them were fighting nearly constantly. There was never any blood or biting, [...]

Snow and Jackadoodles

We have a difference of opinion when it comes to snow and ice.  We haven’t had much snow as it has barely reached the leather on my Doctor Martins however, Marley, the youngest, enjoys sliding, jumping and eating it all. He will chase flakes, bite at snowballs and suddenly stop so he gets dragged down the pavement. He moans when you take [...]

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