Jackadoodles – When Crossed Between Jack Russell & Toy Poodle

Falling Out

I have found it strange recently, but both dogs have been stroppy with each other… Enzo is now three and a half and Marley is Two and a half. There seems to be an underlying problem that you can’t (or couldn’t) put your finger on. I try and treat them equally, never openly fussing one [...]

Are Jackadoodles Good With Kids?

This question is asked of me plenty of times… and I say, in our experience, ‘are your kids good with Jackadoodles? We have had no problems with our kids when it comes to the dogs. From the outset I told the kids not to be scared of the dogs, never pull back if either dog [...]

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    This site is dedicated to Jackadoodles... a crossbreed between a Jack Russell and a Toy Poodle.
    Although we will focus mainly on our own two Jackadoodles, Enzo and Marley, we will also be launching a photogallery for all your Jackadoodle pictures. To also allow extra contributions, we will be adding a page for your own stories.
    Please keep coming back, and supporting our effort.

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